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If you're still using the plastic gym bag from your high school sports team... we need to talk.  Bring maturity to your travel with our structured construction, high quality materials and looks fit for the board room, not the school bus.


  • CANVAS IS CLASSIC:  We know its hard, but it's time to give up the gym bag that you got for free at your last conference and start looking the part of the adult you are.  Unlike the cheap polyester junk that has become commonplace today, we use tightly woven cotton canvas in our bags - which is natural, durable and gives you the classic look that matches your lifestyle.

  • NO MORE SAGGING:  We line each of our bags with a layer of durable yet flexible padding that not only helps protect your gear inside, but serves to bring structure to the bag itself - even when traveling light.  No more lumpy laundry bag situation that can ruin your entire look.

  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION:  Bring in the reinforcements.  We've taken measures to protect the stress points that take a beating during travel.  Metal feet, nylon layers, leather components mixed with metal hardware - each bag was curated to take a beating while still keeping the good looks that brought you here in the first place.